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Μνήμες - Κωνσταντινούπολη, Ίμβρος, Τένεδος 1923 - 1995
Memories: Constantinople - Imbros - Tenedos. 1923-1995. Proceedings of a two-day conference

Author: Collective Work

Publisher: Kyriakidis Brothers Publishing House

ISBN: 960-343-388-8

Release year: 1997

Pages: 207

Price: €10,00

   In September 1995, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the disasters and atrocities against Greeks in Constantinople, the Historical Archive of Refugee Hellenism organized a two-day conference (on 11 and 12 November). The aim of the conference was the multifaceted study and presentation of the topic “Hellenism in Constantinople, Imbros and Tenedos between 1923 and 1995”. The present publication is the proceedings of this two-day conference.

Η Καλαμαριά στο Μεσοπόλεμο (1920-1940), Πρόσφυγες. Δημιουργώντας τη νέα Πατρίδα
Kalamaria in the interwar period (1920-1940). Refugees. Creating the new Homeland

 Author: Collective Work

Editing by Eleni Ioannidou – Jose Rodriguez

Publisher: University Studio Press

ISBN: 960-12-0678-7

Release year: 1998

Pages: 263

Price: €30,00

    The scope of this photographic-historical album is to highlight the history of Kalamaria, not as part of the wider Thessaloniki region, but mainly as a region with its own identity.
The form and content seek to present the history of the city not so much from analytical texts, but from the combination of various historical sources. From documents, photographs and press reports of the time, as well as from oral testimonies. Thus, Kalamaria ‘speaks for itself’.
Through the oral testimonies and the personal language of the old residents of Kalamaria, the way the refugees saw the new place and how they lived their experiences becomes clearer. On the other hand, photographs give a picture of the place and the people, documents present the official side of events, while the press adds a ‘third eye’ to all this.

Ο Αριστοτέλης, Σχολή Τεχνών και Επαγγελμάτων
National Foundation for the Protection of Needy Children of Macedonia "Aristotle".
School of Arts and Professions

Editing by Kyriakos Chatzikyriakidis

Publisher: University Studio Press

ISBN: 960-12-1034-2

Release year: 2002

Pages: 144

Price: €10,00

The National Foundation for the Protection of Poor Children of Macedonia “Aristotle” has been, for more than 50 years, a cradle of care and affection for children who were orphaned or deprived in the inter-war and post-war years. Through texts and photographs the reader can get information about the actions and activities of the Foundation. During its long journey from 1926 to 1983, the Foundation with its many names, but established in the memory and soul of the residents of Kalamaria as “Aristotle”, has produced professionals and above all citizens who are well known in their field and useful to society as a whole.

Η Καλαμαριά γράφει ιστορία 1940-1967, Από την επιβίωση στη δημιουργία
Kalamaria writes history from 1940 to 1967. From survival to creation

Author: Collective Work

Editing by Eleni Ioannidou – Theodosis Tsironis

Publisher: ILP Productions

ISBN: 960-88354-0-2

Release year: 2004

Pages:  367

Price: €30,00

The publication concerns the history of Kalamaria in the period 1940 – 1967. During this period the new political identity of the residents of Kalamaria was formed and developed. A decisive event was the foundation of an independent municipality. The needs of survival did not prevent the residents of Kalamaria from being active in all areas of everyday life and from leaving their own mark in the fields of work, education, collective organization, entertainment, culture and religious life. Kalamaria gradually ceased to be an isolated settlement of pre-war Thessaloniki and developed into an area where the basic infrastructure was being modernized. In the 1950s, the coastal zone was upgraded and from the 1960s the population composition of Kalamaria was enriched and new settlements were created.

Μια Ζωή Απόλλων
A LIFETIME OF BEING FAN OF APOLLO. Educational Gymnastics Club of Kalamaria "Apollo" 1926-2006

Author: Collective Work

Editing by Angeliki Tsapakidou

Publisher: P. & I. MOUGOS LTD

ISBN: 960-88354-1-0

Release year: 2006

Pages: 297

Price: €30,00

The book was the fruit of research by the HARH and includes rich archival material (photographs, documents, newspaper articles, excerpts of oral testimonies, etc.), as well as 23 texts by the historians of the Historical Archive on the path of the club, the sporting and cultural sections that operated within its framework, the administrative and sporting factors that played an important role, but also the organized fan associations that supported Apollo.

Ο Προσφυγικός Συνοικισμός Ναυάρχου Βότση

Author: Ananias Tsirambides

Publisher: S. Yachoudis

ISBN: 978-6700-41-5

Release year: 2010

Pages: 270

Price: €20,00

A book dedicated to the specific settlement of the Municipality of Kalamaria, where a large number of refugees settled. Mr. Ananias Tsirambides, Professor at the Department of Geology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Municipal Councilor of Kalamaria, was personally involved in the research and collection of the material, as well as in its processing. The information contained herein comes from newspaper articles, archival material, interviews with residents and his own memories. The information about individuals whose life is intertwined with the history of the settlement makes the book enjoyable and lively, while at the same time help the reader to understand their character. Through the photographs, faces, neighborhoods, scenes of daily life and social and cultural events are sketched. The book makes extensive reference to the history of the construction of the Holy Church of St Panteleimon, as well as to the foundation of the sports club ‘Admiral Votsis’.

Η μεταμόρφωση της Θεσσαλονίκης. Η εγκατάσταση των προσφύγων στην πόλη
The transformation of Thessaloniki - The settlement of the refugees in the city (1920-1940) - Proceedings of a one-day conference

Author: Collective Work

Editing by Eleni Ioannidou

Publisher: Spotlight

ISBN: 978-960-458-244-0

Release year: 2010

Pages: 206

Available only from publisher

   Thessaloniki in the 19th and early 20th century was the city of the Ottoman Empire, Selanik for the Gate, but also the “Jerusalem of the Balkans” for the Jews of Europe. At the same time, together with its Macedonian hinterland, it constituted the “apple of contention” of Balkan nationalisms, which with the Balkan Wars attempted to resolve the outstanding issues of the Aemos Peninsula. Since 1912 the population ratio tends to be reversed, as the former multinational city of a declining empire changes into an urban environment of a nation state. The fire of 1917 adds to the gradual population change, with the forced changes that occur in the architectural landscape, which is cut off from traditional icons and the past of the 19th century. However, the above changes, no matter how subversive they were in relation to the Ottoman past, would not be able to overturn the population map of the city in such a short time since its liberation.

ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ, Πρωτεύουσα των προσφύγων
THESSALONIKI capital of the refugees. Refugees in the city from 1912 until today. Conference Proceedings

Author: Collective Work

Editing by Ananias Tsirambides – Maria Kazantzidou – Irini Tellidou

Publisher: Kyriakidis Bros

ISBN: 978-960-467-466-4

Release year: 2013

Pages: 575

Price: €25,00

Proceedings of a conference organized by the Historical Archive of Refugee Hellenism of the Municipality of Kalamaria from 23 to 25 November 2012 on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Liberation of Thessaloniki. The volume includes 42 works by scientists from universities, research centers and associations in Greece and abroad. The speakers were of various disciplines such as historians, social anthropologists, political scientists, economists, lawyers, architects, urban planners, philologists, folklorists, etc. The announcements offered to everyone interested important information about Thessaloniki of the last 100 years and concerned the following sections:

  • World War I. Refugees in the 1910s.
  • The role of the press.
  • Refugees of the interwar period. Settlement – Rehabilitation.
  • Refugees of the interwar period. Charity – Social integration.
  • Residential structure – Architecture.
  • Identity Setting – Memory Management.
  • Literature.
Kalamaria as we experienced it

Author: Stamatis Pararas

Editing by Ananias Tsirambides – Maria Kazantzidou

Publisher: Despina Kyriakidis

ISBN: 978-960-599-001-5

Release year: 2015

No. pages: 125

Price: 8,00 €

    The book records the image of post-war Kalamaria through the description of everyday events, characteristics of persons, neighborhoods and customs. The rich photographic material, selected from private collections or magazines of the time, aims to keep the everyday life and solidarity of the inhabitants of Kalamaria in the memory.
The classification of the material into small chapters makes it easier for the reader to immediately understand the temperament of the characters of the time described. Without literary phrases and personal attitudes, but with figurativeness and simple phrasing, the author facilitates the reader in approaching the text.

Ο Προσκοπισμός στην Καλαμαριά - 90 Χρόνια Ιστορίας

Author: Collective work

Editing by Ananias Tsirambides

Publisher: G.S. Eliadis

ISBN: 978-960-88354-2-9

Release year: 2017

No. pages: 251

Price: 15,00 €

   The book is a travelogue of the course of Scouting in Kalamaria. Through the rich photographic material, the most important moments are presented and the contributors of this 90-year course are honored. For ninety uninterrupted years, the values of scouting have shaped the young people of Kalamaria through various scout groups, giving them the opportunity to gain self-confidence and self-esteem with personalities that are spiritually, socially and morally sound and to engage in healthy and beneficial activities.

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