The Historical Archive of Refugee Hellenism operates since 1994 as a legal person governed by public law of Municipality of Kalamaria. The main goal of the institution is the rescue, preservation and proliferation of refugee history and the emergence of Greek refugees’ historical identity.
Its point of interest is mainly the big refugee current during the Asia Minor Disaster (1992) and the Population Exchange (1923-24) from Pontos, Asia Minor and Eastern Thrace. The research efforts also include the Greeks of Eastern Rumelia, along with the Greeks of Constantinople, Imvros and Tenedos who were excluded from the Population Exchange treaty. They are also included the Greek-Cypriots refugees after the Turkish invasion in 1974 and the 37% occupation of Cyprus, which forced them to become refugees in their own country. Moreover, it consists of the Greek immigrants and expatriates in Europe, America and Australia, along with the Greek origin populations from the Soviet Union and Albania, who settled in Greece in the 1990s and 2000s.
The regular activity of the Historical Archive consists of research programs conducted by HARH and the aim is to record narrations from all Greek refugees and collect archival evidence from private collections. The collected material, after documented by the benefactor, is reprinted, classified, archived and then distributed to the research public and the scholars. Some other activities of HARH are the presentation of said material through printings and events with the theme of Greek refugees. In the same time, it collaborates with universities, institutions and unions of similar interest in Greece and abroad. Around 300 researchers of different educational levels and scientific expertise use annually HARH’s collections and library.

Since its foundation in 1944 and until 2010, HARH was hosted in a public edifice in Eratiras 35 street, in the Byzantium suburb. Since then, it has been transported to a newly built public space in the current address (Andrea Papandreou 29A) in the Agios Ioannis suburb. The new establishment includes the library, which also functions as reading room, 2 archive spaces, offices, a venue and 4 bathrooms, all in a 1st floor apartment of 430 sm. Also, there is a 50 sm ground floor room for the Union of HARH’S Friends, with a 90sm underground storage room in the same address.

Furthermore, HARH has the 110 sm venue for cultural activities “Propontida” in the waterfront avenue Nikolaou Plastira 14. In this venue, we organize various cultural events, in which we also host the progressive Union Aretsous-Derkon.

Finally, HARH owns a 1st floor apartment of 120 sm in K. Karamanli 42 street, which is granted to Christos Kalemkeri’s Museum of Photography.


Since HARH’s foundation (1994), the different presidents were:

Ioannis E. Papatsechilidis

Ioannis E. Papatsechilidis

Maria A. Mironidou

Dimitrios L. Tellidis

Amalia I. Pasalidou

Aggeliki A. Tsapakidou

Sotiris L. Georgiadis

Sotiris L. Georgiadis

Ananias E. Tsirampidis









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