Support our work
  • Become a volunteer: Our archive regularly organizes voluntary work programs. The individual volunteer has the opportunity to come into contact directly with mainly primary, but also secondary material. The main occupations of the volunteers are the transcription and debriefing of oral interviews, the debriefing of documents, daily press sheets, classification, cataloguing and other extremely fruitful occupations. In addition to the offered training, dealing with the resources and their processing is a very unprecedented experience. Furthermore, after the completion of the program, the duration of which is determined jointly with the staff of the institution, the participant receives a certificate – a letter of recommendation from the HARH, referring in detail to the fields with which he/she dealt during his/her voluntary work.
  • Become a donor: A large amount of the citizens of our country are of refugee origin, since they are second, third and fourth generation refugees. In many houses there are documents, photographs or even objects from the ancestral homes of our ancestors or even from the first years of their establishment in Greece. If you find that you have something like this to your possession, do not hesitate to bring it to us so that we can reprint it and include it in our rich collections. The original returns to you and the reprint is made available to the research public to showcase it. Thus, you contribute to the salvation of some very important documents from historical oblivion.
  • Become a sponsor: In the difficult economic situation we are experiencing, regular funding of such bodies is not sufficient to carry out all our research programs. That is why we take the liberty of addressing those who can afford to contribute to our work with financial support. The amount raised will be allocated to: purchase of material from exhibitions, purchase or publication of books and periodicals, organization of events, scientific conferences and workshops – two-day events, organization of permanent or periodic exhibitions and finally, cover of travel expenses for research and oral interviews.
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