Help us carry out the difficult but important task of rescuing and preserving the historical memory of the entire refugee Hellenism, as well as its perpetuation to future generations.


  The Historical Archive of the Refugee Hellenism, as a Legal Entity of the Municipality of Kalamaria, since its establishment and operation, has undertaken a great task of moral and essentially national importance. It collects valuable historical treasures, with the potential for continuous improvement and development, highlighting a part of the social history of the country.

At the same time, it ensures the preservation and enhancement of historical memory and its promotion in a modern, effective and dignified manner, and records knowledge through the experiential values of the Greek refugees, who constitute the basic core of Hellenism.

All archival material is constantly enriched with scientific and research interests, which are related to the social and cultural history of refugee Hellenism as a whole and contributes to the creative approach of the past with the present, documenting its historical character.




  We continue the 25-year successful run of our Historical Archive, trying to improve its recognition by increasing the visibility of its website and by promoting in various ways its publications or its digital archival material (books, maps, documents, tapes or video tapes, etc.). It should be noted that the digitization of these documents is still in progress and will be completed in the near future, together with their cataloging. Among the objectives of the new Management are:

  • Establishment of a permanent student competition.
  • Availability of HARH publications from central bookstores. Permanent promotion from sites in Kalamaria and Thessaloniki.
  • Enrichment of the library with the volumes of magazines and newspapers of the Hellenism of the East.
  • Cooperation with the technical department of the Municipality and “Attiko Metro” for the construction and placement of a sculpture of “Argo” at the central station of Pontus/Metamorphosis, as well as information material with photos of the refugee Hellenism at the other subway stations of Kalamaria.

Whatever archival material you have at home, please make it available to HARH for scanning and electronic storage for the benefit of its research objectives. Immediately after, it is returned to you.



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Events at the cultural center "Propontis"

Campbell Settlement Memorial Column

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Events at the cultural center "Propontis"

100 years since the Pontic Genocide

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Events at the cultural center "Propontis"

To you who extended your loving hand

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