HARH is collaborating with the National Documentation Center to create and support a repository of digital content. This collaboration aims to make the material more widely available and to facilitate researchers and the electronic reading public.

The listing of our material in the digital repository is in progress. Until today, most of the photographic collections and postcards have been listed. With the completion of this project, all the material will be openly accessible, meeting the information needs of the academic, scientific and research community in general.

Documents of Public Archives

  These are documents originated from public services and institutions of both the Greek State and abroad and are created in the context of the administrative operation of these services.
The 90 Collections of Public Archives of HARH include, in original or copy form:
•    Records of Administrative Services
•    Educational / School Records
•    Diplomatic Service Records
•    Ecclesiastical Archives

Documents of Private Collections

   These are documents belonging to private collections of individuals, families or associations and were mainly used for private purposes. These documents relate to the private and public life of Greek refugees both in their place of origin and in their place of settlement. They come from private donations to our Historical Archive or from supplies of the HARH.

    Indicatively, we mention certain types of documents belonging to this category which are included, in original form or in copy, in the 800 Private Archive Collections of the HARH: applications, declarations, receipts, certificates, birth certificates, deeds, purchase and sale documents, property settlement documents, membership of associations, loan or land grants, payroll, business documents, certificates (marriage, baptism, death, employment, etc.), refugee books, passports, dowry agreements, wills, personal, commercial or official correspondence, calendars, student notebooks, food stamps, lotteries, tickets, coupons, medical documents, contracts, property titles, Ottoman documents, drawings and improvised maps, statutes, manuscripts, speeches, memoirs, poems, etc.

    Until today, 1,000 collections of 10,000 photographs have been listed in the HARH. The material is in original or duplicate form and is mainly related to the life of refugees in their places of origin, the Asia Minor Campaign and Catastrophe, and the refugee settlement.

    HARH has in its possession 350 postcards with views of towns and villages of Asia Minor, Pontus, Eastern Thrace and the Asia Minor Campaign.

  The archive of oral testimonies includes approximately 2,500 narratives of first- and second-generation Greek refugees who experienced the uprooting from their homeland. As a research institution, we believe that oral testimonies are an important source of research, because through them we learn about the impact of the events on people’s lives, the problems that arose and how each of them dealt with them.

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  The Press and Publications archive includes:

a. Old newspapers (of the period 1910-1946)

b. Articles, publications and indexing of the daily and periodical press. They come from research and selection of IAPE in newspapers mainly of the years 1918-1938, of the years 1945-1967 and of the years 1996-2009 and concern the history of Asia Minor and refugee Hellenism and the other thematic units that are of interest to HARH.

   The Map Archive includes 70 maps, mainly of the Army Geographical Service, the Army Cartographic Service, the Third Army Corps, the Settlement Service, etc., as well as improvised, handwritten maps of individuals.

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