The purpose of the photographic – historical album is to highlight the history of Kalamaria, not as part of the wider area of Thessaloniki but mainly as an area with its own identity.

The form and content seek to present the history of the city not so much from analytical texts, but from the combination of various historical sources. From documents, photographs and publications of the press of that time, as well as from oral testimonies. So, Kalamaria “speaks for herself”.

Through the oral testimonies and personal language of the old Kalamariotes, it is more clear how the refugees saw the new place and how they experienced their experiences. On the other hand, the photos give the image of space and people, the documents show the official side of events, while the press adds a “third eye” to all of them.

  • Collective Project
  • Eleni Ioannidou, Jose Rodriguez
  • University Studio Press
  • 960-12-0678-7
  • 1998
  • 263
  • Out of stock from the institution - Available only from the publisher

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